About Founder

Mr Hassan Conteh is the Founder and Managing Director of INSPIRE Education Consultancy in Freetown Sierra Leone.Inspire Education Consultancy Founder - Mr Hassan Conteh

Mr Conteh is an accredited Mathematics Education Consultant with the Society of Education Consultants in the United Kingdom, and he specialises in the teaching and learning of mathematics. He is a Chartered London Teacher and a Fellow of the College of Teachers.

Mr Hassan Conteh taught mathematics in the United Kingdom for 24 years and was Head of the Mathematics Department at the Archbishop Lanfranc Secondary School until August 2014, with the following responsibilities:

  • Perform Departmental Self Review and act on findings to review quality of teaching and learning on a regular and systematic basis.
  • Use baseline data to effectively monitor pupil progress.
  • Develop innovative, non-traditional approaches to the mathematics curriculum, including the use of ICT to ensure appropriate access and achievement for all students.
  • Analysing Examination results (both internal and external) within the mathematics department and implement remedial actions when necessary.
  • Responsible for the Performance Management of all teachers of the mathematics department, including Newly Qualified Teachers and Trainee Teachers.
  • Work collaboratively with other subject areas in cross curricular activities.
  • Liaise with local feeder primary schools to enable smooth transition from primary to secondary school.
  • Develop and manage a programme for mathematically Gifted and Talented pupils.

Mr Hassan Conteh is a Mathematics Examiner with the OCR Examining Board UK and has an extensive knowledge and well informed understanding of the assessment requirements of the Examination boards in the UK.

He has nine years teaching experience in Sierra Leone. He was full time Head of Mathematics/Physics department at The Government Secondary Technical School, with part- time engagements at The Methodist Girls High School, The Prince of Wales Secondary School and The Saint Edwards Secondary School.

Mr Conteh has also worked for The West African Examinations Council in the following capacities;

  • G.C.E. Mathematics Marker.
  • Quantitative Aptitude and Mathematics Question Writer for the Sierra Leone Selective Entrance Examinations.
  • Mathematics Question paper Setter and Marker for The Nurses Entrance Examinations.
  • Marker for the Civil Service Entrance Examinations.

Mr Hassan Conteh has a passion for education and is particularly interested in developing teacher expertise to maximise pupil potential and promoting mathematical enjoyment and enrichment.