Inspire provides consultancy service to schools in the private sector in Sierra Leone and schools within the  Freetown City Council Municipality. We take a holistic approach to improving the mathematical experiences of pupils, which includes the effective development of the whole mathematics workforce. Our Department Improvement Plan focuses on three key areas.

• Improving teaching and learning
• Developing and empowering teachers to empower pupils
• Forming effective partnerships with teachers, schools and other stakeholders.

Working alongside teachers, these are some of the Professional Development courses we offer:

• Developing mathematics subject knowledge for non-specialist primary school teachers
• Leading and managing the mathematics department
• Differentiation in the mathematics classroom
• Promoting effective teaching
• Proficiency in algebraic manipulation through mathematical investigations and games
• High impact revision programmes for IGCSE grade C/D borderline pupils.
• Managing the curriculum for the mathematically gifted child and children with other special education needs.
• Department Inspection and Feedback service

Mathematics Consultancy Sierra Leone