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sec-sq-logoHave you ever wanted to get new ideas e.g. for enriching and enhancing teaching, to obtain local information and contacts at overseas universities; needed a personal contact overseas but not known who to approach? This bulletin gives you an idea of the world-wide wealth of talent, knowledge and experience that is SEC. Below are short paragraphs about SEC colleagues living and working abroad plus UK SEC members who work abroad. Could this information be useful to you and your consultancy?
SEC colleagues living and working abroad

Brendon Butts (Trinidad) has been in contact via Skype. He is working as a consultant in Trinidad and is interested in interactive learning, curriculum development and staff training. There is a mixture of schools, state following a Caribbean curriculum and private using the Cambridge curriculum. The use of business models in education is new to the country. He is involved in teacher training using Smart notebook 14 working with Canadian re-sellers Columbus who are providing hardware and cabling solutions for 140 secondary and 456 primary schools. Some schools have i-pads and are working on BYOD (Bring your own device) initiatives. There is a laptop initiative for all year 7.

Eowyn Crisfield is based in the Netherlands but works across Europe and abroad. She is a qualified teacher and teacher-trainer, specialising in the field of language in education. She develops and implements training schemes designed to help schools support languages learners across the curriculum, and is active in the field of EAL/bilingualism research. In addition to working with schools, she also works with bilingual families, community organisations and with multinational companies. She holds memberships with BAAL (British Association for Applied Linguistics), COBIS (Council of British International Schools). and NALDIC (National Association for Language Development in the Curriculum) and is active in promoting the development of policy and practice for excellence in language learning in schools.

Anna Delimani’s consultancy is international education, lifelong learning and validation of professional qualifications. She established BCED-Best in Continuing Education and Development, an Awarding Body that targets the utmost in lifelong learning and educational issues in Greece and abroad. She represents internationally recognised Awarding Bodies, each one top of its kind of services for validated professional qualifications. BCED provides counselling for students wishing to study at universities in Great Britain and abroad in the field of their interest.

Mulika Dodo runs Silvercrest Education Consultants which is an innovative professional Nigeria- focused education consultancy specialized in study/career counselling, education evaluation, teacher capacity building, educational programming, monitoring and evaluation, female education, orphans and vulnerable children and education in emergency, course placement and student recruitment services. They are based in the commercial city of Kano (northern, Nigeria). Their corporate objective is to offer support to governments, educational institutions and donor agencies to attain global vision of education for all. Mulika has worked on education intervention projects sponsored by the World Bank, DFID, USAID and other development partners working on education in Nigeria and other African countries. Currently, she is on the Project Advisory Committee (PAC) of the UK Aid funded Education, Data, and research in Nigeria (EDOREN) project. Dr. Aminu Abdu Bichi is also a director. He taught at all levels of education: primary, secondary, polytechnic, college of education and university. He is currently working as a full-Time consultant with UNICEF, Abuja in Basic Education.

Alexia Ghinou is the Managing Director and Founder of the Bureau of Counseling in Education and Services – CES, which is based in Athens (Greece). CES has been established since 30 years ago, and we continue to provide successfully one to one detailed and comprehensive education counseling to students who plan to pursue university study in the UK at all levels. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff provide responsible guidance concerning Higher Education and full support to all issues related to studying and living in the UK. Their services include continuous counseling support, assistance in the research of university programmes aiming to find the most appropriate academic field, assistance with the application procedure, personal communication with the universities, information and help with finding the right accommodation, guidance for the payment of the fees/student loan applicationand continuous support during all the years at university. CES represents officially first class UK universities in Greece and provides and organises briefing meetings and informative sessions by the UK university officers for prospective students and their parents in our premises.

Ali Mirsadeghi is the founder & CEO of Barsa educational consultancy. All their seminars and training takes place in the University of Shahid Beheshty, Tehran, Iran. Ali speaks Farsi and we communicate through his translator Salma. In 2010 Barsa research and publication group published the book called “Planning With CCTV” which was well received by the public. This book became an ” Award Winning Finalist in the “Self-Help: General” Category of 2014 International Book Awards. He is an author of 17 books, which amongst them the book ” Full Stop, Next Line…..” Became an “Award Winning Finalist in the ” Youth Issues” Category of 2013 International Book Awards” as well as the book “Men At Work?!”. ‘This year the questions will leak’ (about the scams and fake hopes and promises some companies give regarding the final examination); ‘I’ll be with you til the end ‘(a monthly letter to students in their final year in which he supports the kids during their exams with humorous and motivational sentences. Up to now this monthly letter has well received by 600,000 students; ‘Mum, dad, please’ a booklet which informs the students’ parents about their kid’s wishes, in their own words; ‘Men at work’ the first educational psychology booklet in Iran which is designed to broaden the view of students which helps them look at their own life differently.

Networking: Glenys made a simple 10 minute video clip describing collaborative learning. This was translated into Farsi and shown to over 1000 educators at two workshops held in January 2014. Currently we are working with SEC colleagues to make further short video clips presentations for the January 2015 conference. One colleague is planning to speak at the conference. There is a longer term aim to produce a set of DVD’s offering advice to students, parents and teachers. Colleagues interesting in contributing please contact me.

Sidney Rose recently took part in the Panel Discussion “How do we balance teaching for Understanding with teaching for Qualifications?” at Homerton College, Cambridge University as part of the Cambridge International Examinations Conference. Sid is currently working for Kunskapsskolan Education Sweden on their expansion programme to India and the Middle East. Kunskapsskolan Education is an education provider based in Stockholm, Sweden that has: 40 “free schools” in Sweden, 5 academies in UK, 2 charter schools in New York, 2 international schools in India and 2 schools in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. “Kunskapsskolan” means “Knowledge Schools” the schools have a high IT profile and emphasis on the individual working at their own pace. He has worked overseas since 1980; in Hong Kong for 6 years, then Singapore, Dubai, Qatar, India, Kazakhastan, Kuwait, Libya, Pakistan, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and USA, doing mostly consultancy work. He is based in Stockholm, Sweden and works with “emerging markets”.. Until recently he was CEO of his own Education Consultancy – se.eds, Scandinavian Education Services specializing in the start-up of new international schools. He is keen to connect, cooperate and collaborate with other SEC Members working overseas.

Abiola Anifatu Sanusi describes Riplington & Associates Abuja, Nigeria as an informative training, advocacy, research and policy organisation which aims to use qualitative and quantitative data to aid their educative work in Nigeria (and the rest of Africa.) They are a global network of educators committed to improving educational standard and attainment in Africa. They offer an International Job Shadowing Scheme (IJSS) primarily for Nigerian school staff to gain a greater understanding of the knowledge and skills that are required for similar roles internationally. They are looking for international host schools to participate in the programme. The aim of the International Teaching Placements Programme (ITPP) is to enhance local teachers’ expertise in their teaching discipline and equip them with a deeper understanding of international education. The scheme aims to place skilled professionals ( retired teachers, those on sabbatical or education researchers) in schools for a minimum of three months. Eligible teaching disciplines are : leadership, literacy, ICT, numeracy, ESOL, English Language & Literate, SEN, Science, early years & primary. Flights, accommodation, medical insurance, vaccinations & monthly stipends are included.

Vivien Watts’ consultancy is Treadstone Hong Kong Ltd – an Overseas Education Department endeavours to place our clients’ children to the most suitable school in the UK so that they can achieve his or her full potential.

Joe Victor is the Chief Executive Adviser who has pioneered British Education Promotion in India; established Regional Offices for UK Universities and Educational Companies; and trained several Education Counsellors and Agents who are currently engaged in Education consultancy services. He has established a regional Office for the University of Leeds and a regional Office for a UK based educational company Study Group which off consultancy services to Overseas Universities and Institutions to facilitate collaboration with Academic Institutions in India. Also he offers Advisory Service to UK institutions to establish academic collaborations, student and faculty exchanges, training courses, in-country delivery of academic programmes, and outsourcing educational related projects; counselling and placement of potential students interested in studying at institutions in UK, USA, Singapore and Sri Lanka. Advisory services to UK institutions on possibilities of enabling employment opportunities in India for students who successfully graduate in the UK. There are offices in New Delhi and Chennai; a Project Office in Bangalore; Counsellors/Associates based in Bhopal, Mumbai and Vadodara and Associates in Bangladesh and Nepal.
UK members working abroad

Mansoor Ansari runs M.A. International, Education & Immigration Consultants, which provide expert & professional services to all the potential students seeking quality education abroad. With an experience of 16 years, strong links with Professional institutions M.A. International is considered one of the most trusted names in the field of Education and Immigration in Pakistan, United Arab Emirate, and the United Kingdom. They have developed strong associations with the local as well with the international institutions, which enable them to recruit maximum numbers of students for foreign universities / colleges and maintain strong working relationship with Embassies & Consulates. Students are always provided with the latest up to date information about visa requirements, immigration procedures, regulations about international students and visa application procedures. Student application forms, booklets and other related material is provided free to all students.

Richard Antwi’s consultancy “ICARE” aims at rehabilitating drop- outs to the world of education and training to regain their lost hope through adult education.
With years of educational experience, we inject new aspirations for dropouts, homeless people and teenage mothers to get training and get back to work. Through our courses and career advice, new doors are opened to “educational dropouts”. ICARE empowers homeless people with functional skills to work; providing life skills to teenage mothers; supporting educational drop-outs to have second chance in education; equipping 16 year olds and above that are not in Employment, Education or Training (NEET) with CV writing and functional skills.

Lisa Biggin currently working in a large diverse school in Oxford so her availability for working internationally has been significantly limited. Previously involved in international Headteacher placements and with the British Council.

Adam Caller Tutors International works with Clients in every country. We recruit and employ teachers in full time private tutoring roles with high net worth families. I have worked with Graham Cooke in relation to placement of children from the UK on wilderness programs in the US, and with several other members since joining the SEC in 1997.

Iain Colledge speaking at the IPSEF conference on international education in Africa last year in London. He has many years experience in international school leadership in the Middle East. He has worked in Libya, Bahrain, Jordan and Thailand and has been instrumental in delivering school improvement and expansion projects, whilst delivering the highest quality of education to the students in his care. His career has involved leadership and management in both primary and secondary schools. He has school start-up and expansion project management experience and is a Prince2 qualified project manager. Iain consults on school improvement and growth in the UK, Middle East, North Africa, the Middle East and Asia. He set up World Academies in 2010.

Hassan Conteh is a member of Inspire Education Consultancy which is based in Sierra Leone, West Africa with offices in the UK and have thirty two years experience of teaching mathematics and preparing candidates for external examinations in the UK and Sierra Leone. This experience includes ten years of managing a highly successful Mathematics department in the UK. Inspire provides consultancy services to schools in the private sector in Sierra Leone and schools within the jurisdiction of the Freetown City Council Municipality. Inspire also offers a bespoke private tuition service geared towards all levels of mathematics and do regular Diagnostic Assessments to check progress and give regular feedback to both students and parents. Further they are involved with charitable work in Sierra Leone. They are soliciting for used textbooks and other teaching resources no longer needed by schools in the UK. These are shipped to Sierra Leone and distributed to disadvantaged pupils all over the country.

Robert Cook’s ‘ Adeoci Consultancy International’ is based in Jersey and is experienced in establishing new schools in Europe, developing internationally into Asia and the Middle East. Robert recently established Cognita’s latest school in Islington, Adeoci’s latest London venture. The main areas of focus for ‘Adeoci Consultancy International’ include School Improvement, developing new Independent schools, recruitment and Senior Leadership support. Being based in Jersey ensures ease of international travel via the major transport hubs in London and Paris.

Glenys Hart has a keen interest in international education and has engaged with education systems in Australia, Canada, China, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Norway, Poland, Spain, UK, UAE and USA. She is currently involved with Scientix which promotes and supports a Europe-wide collaboration among STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) teachers, education researchers, policymakers and other education professionals. She has taught, led, inspected and monitored schools and has significant expertise in teaching and learning including assessment; senior strategic leadership; school improvement, a raft of Continuing Professional Development techniques encouraging schools to use new technologies; subject specialisms are science and physics. She has published over 60 education articles on her areas of interest in UK, US and Australia.

Pauline Hooey has extensive experience in education. I was head teacher of two schools and an inspector in a London borough before moving to OFSTED. She is now an education consultant for a multi-disciplinary organization and am also employed as a consultant by OneSchool, a world-wide provider of education.

Sa’ad Khaldi is currently completing his twenty third year as an additional inspector working for Ofsted. Sa’ad has had a varied UK educational career as a science teacher, science leader, assessment co-ordinator and A-level examiner, a secondary deputy headteacher and then a London headteacher. He progressed to be science adviser, a senior cross-phase role with Tower Hamlets. He created a KS2 science revision resource called Revision Wheels; helped BBC draft KS3 Science Bitesize learning site . Sa’ad moved into consultancy working with leading independent (HMC) schools and outstanding state schools advising them on teaching and learning, core skills, professional aspects, health & safety and educational management. Sa’ad was an Educational Fellow of the Imperial War Museum specialising in Holocaust Education and visited Germany, Poland, Lithuania and Israel in the course of these studies; delivering a workshop in Jerusalem. Sa’ad has a binary Palestinian and Jewish background with an almost unique understanding of both Islamic and Jewish culture. He has inspected schools in Abu Dhabi for the UAE government. He has additional expertise in special educational needs and also the scrutiny of independent schools.

Iain McGregor runs Beacon Education (Hindhead) which offering (UK/International): – bespoke CPD sessions; Initial Teacher Training Teaching; Learning Communities School; Exam performance improvement Publicity and Marketing; School Improvement, pre-inspection visits, whole-school management structure and style; resources and teaching audits; teaching and learning strategies, improving examination performance and focus for both teachers and students; curriculum planning and implementation; examination focus and preparation; IGCSE and International Baccalaureate planning. He has also worked for Carfax in Dubai focusing on teaching and learning and leadership in the MOE schools and done work in the Czech Republic. He has been appointed Principal of the Oxford International College in Zhengzhou, starting in August 2015.

NETWORKING: SEC was approached by a governor of the British International School in Riyadh, Saudi. Iain and Glenys responded to his request, Skyped and set up googledocs to offer their services. Unfortunately this project did not proceed any further.

Nandarene Naina Parmar has expressed an interest in international education. She is accredited as an Outstanding Primary Leader by Ofsted and National College – with exemplary leadership skills and qualities to support and challenge leaders to secure sustainable, robust and rapid school Improvement. Nandarane specialises in using a range of behavioural and organisational management change strategies for strategic, business and operational focus. As a result, is able to secure outstanding outcomes with precision and measurable impact . Nandarane is highly regarded for innovation in curriculum and inspirational leadership at local, national and international level. She has sound Judiciary experience in chairing appeals and in evaluating evidence to secure fair judgements and outcomes. She offers support and challenge for leaders through inspiration, motivation, integrity and principled leadership.

Networking Nandarene is interested in being involved in the Iranian project.

Previously involved with international student recruitment for the University of Warwick, Geraldine Raison has expertise of working with students, schools and universities in over 30 countries. Combined with a PG Cert in Career Guidance she can offer a wealth of information on degree courses and career paths. Offers: coaching through the application process; researching university degree courses; career advice and postgraduate study options; Personal Statement advice; firm and insurance offers; gap year; study abroad; Home/EU fee status; career advice and higher education counselling to UK overseas and UK students; educational marketing and recruitment for academic departments and institutions; member of UKCISA (UK Council for International Student Affairs); UCAS Advisor; cultural expertise coupled with extensive knowledge of international qualifications.

Networking Geraldine and Glenys have networked about educational opportunities in UAE.

Daniela S. Pirzio-Biroli specialises in diagnostic bilingual assessment of children who are learning English as a second language. With a thorough background and training in early childhood education, as well as language and literacy development, her personalised service focuses on providing educational guidance and language learning support to non-native English speakers, thereby facilitating the children’s integration within the English classroom setting. Working in conjunction with the children’s school and home life Daniela takes into consideration each child’s individual cultural background and educational needs.

Annabel Smith specializes in global, community & character education, building experiential and academic programs for schools and non-profits. She is an innovator and a communicator, constantly looking for new ways to bring people together and understand the world from new perspectives. With over 20 years experience, she has developed creative, signature approaches which lead to sustained engagement and tangible change. As well as designing curriculum, she also leads workshops, facilitates continuing professional development and helps schools and community organisations create portfolios of community partners. Annabel combines academic rigor with years of experience on the ground with community leaders in Tanzania, Botswana, South Africa, India, the US and UK.

Yixuan Wang is a member of Jing Ying Consultancy Limited a leading education consultant agency based in Birmingham City Centre, UK established to assist and provide guidance to students studying abroad to achieve academic success in their chosen universities in the UK.

Muhammad Mohsin Raza is Chief Executive for a foreign education advisory service IQRA Consultants (Pvt.) Ltd with Head Office in Manchester UK and sub offices in Duabi and Lahore, Pakistan. He has a British Council Education UK Certificate For Agents; New Zealand Specialist Agent and is certified by the International Academy for training and consulting; founder member of APECOP Association of Professional Education Consultants of Pakistan. He works in UK, Europe, USA and Canada.

Sarah Teasdale is an education consultant providing consultancy to the relocating family and the global mobility industry through her company Educas. A school search facility with guidance on schooling in the state and independent sector for families moving into the UK. Specialist guidance also given at an International level, for families looking for schooling in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Ummed Jain (acting via USJ &CO Ltd) is a strategic partner of Edinburgh Business School / Heriot-Watt University for South Asia to launch its MBA programme in that region. The company is initially focusing on the government sector and plans to expand in to the private sector soon. They have an agreement with a premier Indian government institution to launch a dual badge 15 months MBA programme shortly in India.

Yang Xiaoyu is a member of YXY Enterprise Limited a leading education consultation agency based in Reading, UK established to assist and provide education consultation services to students studying in the UK to achieve academic success in their respective universities/institutions. Services include: a systematic study plan and strategy; free consultation to assess students’ education background and to understand their study goals; academic guidance: choices for universities/institutions, course information, entry requirements, document checklist, application timescale and general assistance; advice on completing course application forms, draft personal statements, provide supporting documents and prepare for entrance interviews; liaise with the universities/institution(s) to track students’ applications; arrange summer schools to assist students to become familiar with the British culture, history and education system.

Hanyang Yu is a member of Haicheng Business Limited a leading education consultant agency based in Birmingham City Centre, UK, established to assist and provide guidance to students studying abroad to achieve academic success in their chosen universities in the UK.
Future plans

When Heraclitus “No man ever steps in the same river twice” he was talking about the water flowing but we in education work are also working in a stream of constant change. The information above gives us access to 44 rivers of new and altering knowledge. I hope you found this document interesting and useful and it has opened your eyes to the rich resource that is SEC. Let me know if the information in this newsletter proves beneficial (and how you used it). If you contact any SEC colleague because of this newsletter can you let me know, so we can see the networking is working? If you are working globally and have not been included please contact me. Ideas and suggestions about how we can improve our engagement with overseas colleagues and prospective clients and make this network work is most welcome. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Glenys Hart Phone: 01189611745 Cell: 07793750841 T: @GlenysHart S:glenys.hart Chairman of the Society of Education Consultants